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CIMS Kerala | Pravasalokam

WIEGO at the International Labour Conference - Geneva, Switzerland

Date: 08-Jun-2019

108th Session of the International Labour Conference:  Ending Violence and Harassment in the World of Work

This year, the International Labour Conference (I...

CIMS Kerala | Pravasalokam

Migrant Workers Day Celebration, London, UK

Date: 16-Jun-2019

Please join the Voice of Domestic Workers Celebration of International Migrant Workers Da...


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CIMS Kerala | Pravasalokam


Over 18,000 foreign engineers lost jobs in Saudi Arabia

The number of foreign engineers in Saudi is significantly reduced. In six months, 18,749 engineers lost their jobs. At the end ...

CIMS Kerala | Pravasalokam


7,600 jobs created in Dubai last month

Bangladeshis, Indians and Pakistanis secured the most licences last month.

The inflow of small and medium-sized bu...

CIMS Kerala | Pravasalokam


Malaysia launches new amnesty program for illegal migrants

The minister warned of severe legal action against the immigrants who choose to stay after New Year’s Eve