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The Centre for Indian Migrant Studies is a Non Governmental Organization that aims to safeguard the rights of migrant workers. The team also works on various campaigns to encourage the public to take action on human rights abuse particular to migrant workers.

Migrant workers are critical to the fabric of our societies and they contribute tremendously for the success of our economy. They constitute nearly 85% of the population in some of the Gulf States. Though many migrants hold white-collar jobs, the majority of expatriate workers are temporary low-income migrants involved in manual labour, such as in construction, agriculture, transport as well as domestic work. These individuals represent the backbone of their economic development as well as our homes. Yet they are undervalued, ignored, exploited and denied their most basic human rights.

The team behind CIMS is the creators of popular TV show Pravasalokam telecasted in Kairali- a regional television channel from Kerala, a state known for its long history and engagement with the Gulf states. Pravasalokam is the world’s first experiment to utilize the influence of visual media to track down missing people with the assistance of viewers, social workers and expatriate communities. The strength of the programme is a team of committed journalists and social workers. Besides the television viewers, leading expatriate associations in the Gulf and hundreds of their members are patrons of the programme.

With the help of our wide network, CIMS aims to fulfill its main objective of assisting families to track down their missing relative abroad. CIMS also prioritizes the role of lobbying governments of countries of origin and destination to reform employment and residency laws and to extend protection to all migrant workers and their families.