The team behind CIMS are the creators of popular TV show Pravasalokam-telecast in Kairali- a Malayalam regional language television channel from Kerala-south state of India. Pravasalokam is the world’s first experiment to utilise the influence of visual media to track down missing people with the assistance of viewers, social workers and migrant forums. The strength of the programme is a team of committed journalists and social workers. Besides the television viewers, leading expatriate associations in the Gulf and their hundreds of members are patrons of the programme. With the help a wide network, we are fulfilling our main objective of assisting families to track down their missing relative abroad.

Within a period of 15 years since its launch in 2000, Pravasalokam has grown to become an Non-Governmental Organisation to provide more services like financial aid for orphaned families; sponsorship for the education of missing person’s children; repatriation and treatment of accident victims; providing assistance to victims of visa racketeers; campaign against illegal recruitment agents; rescuing victims from the sex rackets, providing consular and financial aid for prisoners to secure their early release; and repatriation of dead bodies.

Pravasalokam opened a floodgate of issues to be handled to support thousands of stranded workers in the Gulf. The cases received by the producers’ illustrate the need for systematic intervention to assist migrant workers, especially from Kerala because of its high rate of migration and most of them are un-skilled workers.

The programme has contributed to raising public awareness on the plight of poor migrant workers and their families. The programme as a way of helping migrant workers have realised that the world of migrant’s is fraught with abuses. Pravasalokam want to go beyond merely identifying missing persons and contribute to ending abuses faced by migrant workers. we want to build valuable information received from migrant workers and their families and develop appropriate interventions.