OurHands campaign

newsimageMigrant Forum in Asia and Christian Aid, along with our many campaign supporters from around the world, are excited to celebrate May Day with the soft launch of a new social media campaign - #OurHands. This campaign will engage domestic workers around the world in learning about and advocating for their rights. We are writing to invite you to join the campaign by becoming a supporter. The official public campaign launch will be June 16th - International Domestic Workers' Day. Many thanks to those who have already agreed to support the campaign — your organization will be listed on our website soon. The #OurHands campaign aims to inform domestic workers of their rights as enshrined in ILO Convention 189 on Decent Work for Domestic Workers. The campaign aims to reach to domestic workers across through social media and encourage them to share know-your-rights materials with other domestic workers who do not have access to social media. Informing domestic workers is a crucial step in enabling domestic workers to mobilize in collaboration with domestic workers groups and to act collectively to ensure that their rights are protected and upheld. The campaign also aims to mobilize wider solidarity from other groups and supporters by calling for the rights of domestic workers. Why #OurHands? #OurHands means that empowering and protecting the rights of domestic workers is a collective responsibility. We aim to create an enabling environment for domestic workers to articulate their rights, organize themselves, negotiate their terms of employment, and participate in social dialogue that concerns them. The campaign held its soft launch on 1 May 2015, with the release of its website and social media platforms: www.DWRights.org, Facebook page (Facebook.com/DomesticWorkerRights), and Twitter feed (Twitter.com/DWRights). To support the campaign: 1. Please send an email to mfa@mfasia.org and inform us that you would like to support the campaign - we will list your organization and website among our supporters on www.DWRights.org. Thanks to those who have already agreed to support! 2. Please Like us on Facebook and/or Follow us on Twitter. 3. Please share this information with your networks and encourage others to join! 4. Once we officially launch the campaign in June, help us to popularize the campaign among domestic workers - we will share more information about what you can do to support this effort in the coming weeks.