Labour Minister flags off Field Work of All India Survey on Migrant Workers and the AQEES

DATE: 01-Apr-2021 Reported By: PIB

Shri Santosh Kumar Gangwar, Union Minister of State for Labour & Employment flagged off the field work of the two surveys, All India Surveys on Migrant workers and the All-India Quarterly Establishment based Employment Survey (AQEES) here today. These are two of the five All India Surveys tha...

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Kuwait: Professional efficiency tests to be expanded for expats

DATE: 31-Mar-2021 Reported By: Gulf News

Professional efficiency tests for foreign workers are still valid in Kuwait and will expand to include more jobs, a Kuwait manpower official has said.

“Applying the professional efficiency tests to expatriates coming to the country is ongoing. No decision has been issued to scrap or p...

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Saudi Arabia bans referring to domestic workers as servants in job placements

DATE: 30-Mar-2021 Reported By: Gulf News

The Saudi Ministry of Commerce has released guidelines showing the right way to refer to domestic workers.

Having adopted structured government policy to protect the rights of domestic workers and cater for their welfare, the ministry stressed the importance of adhering to the regulations f...

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Bahrain introduces wage protection system for private sector employees

DATE: 29-Mar-2021 Reported By: Gulf News

Bahrain has unveiled a phased system aimed to protect wages of private sector employees and limit labour disputes.The kingdom’s Minister of Labour and Social Development Jamil Bin Mohammed had issued a decree specifying dates of the phased system, local media reported.

According to th...

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Five conditions for a foreigner to partner with a Saudi or own an establishment

DATE: 27-Mar-2021 Reported By: Saudi Gazette

RIYADH — The Ministry of Commerce has set five conditions for a foreigner to enter into a partnership with a Saudi investor or own a facility, in accordance with the corrective period for violators of the anti-tasattur regulation.

The first and second requir...

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Kuwait: More than half of domestic workers’ recruitment offices closed in past year

DATE: 26-Mar-2021 Reported By: Gulf News

Kuwait City: Out of the 470 domestic workers’ recruitment offices in Kuwait, 300 have closed down due to cancelled licences or increased expenses that have not been covered, local media reported.

During a meeting with the Philippines embassy a few days ago, only 197 recruitment office...

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Bahrain Education Ministry sacks 1,150 expats, employs 3,650 Bahrainis.

DATE: 25-Mar-2021 Reported By: Gulf News

Bahrain’s Education Ministry is continuing within its plan to Bahrainise jobs based on the ministry’s needs, vacancies and financial allocations, local media reported.

Bahrain’s Minister of Education, Dr. Majed Al Nuaimi, said more than 1,142 non-Bahraini employees have be...

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65,173 expat workers register to leave Oman permanently

DATE: 24-Mar-2021 Reported By: Gulf News

A total of 65,173 expat workers have registered to leave Oman permanently since October 15, 2020, including 46,000 workers who have already left the Sultanate, local media reported.

According to Oman News Agency (ONA), the Ministry of Labour has announced that the total number of the workfo...

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Fingerprinting mandatory for expat children aged 6 or above March 18, 2021

DATE: 20-Mar-2021 Reported By: Saudi Gazette

RIYADH — The General Department of Passports (Jawazat) announced that expatriates in the Kingdom must have their children aged six and above fingerprinted as registering biometric data is a prerequisite for completing procedures of a residency permit (iqama) and travel...

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Can expats invest in the Qatari stock market?

DATE: 19-Mar-2021 Reported By: Doha News

Expats can invest in the growing Qatari stock market by trading securities listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange

Some of the companies you c...

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