Mauritanian Women Kept as Slaves in Saudi Arabia

DATE: 05-Oct-2015

The ITUC has received alarming reports from Mauritanian trade unions that 900 Mauritanian women have been trafficked to work in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Oxfam Many are subject to abuse with no way out. The ITUC has called on the government of Mauritania to take immediate action to bring the women ...

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Central govt considering law to give voting rights to migrant workers

DATE: 09-Jul-2015

The central government told the Supreme Court on Wednesday that it would consider drafting a law to make provision for postal ballots for migrant workers of the country along the lines of the facility they were extending to non-resident Indians. A bench composed of Chief Justice HL Dattu and Just...

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Illegal expatriate workers shun amnesty to leave Oman

DATE: 08-Jul-2015

Muscat: As the clock ticks down on an amnesty for illegal expats in Oman, figures show that fewer than a fifth of the expected number have come forward. There are only 24 more days left until the July 31 deadline runs out on the three-month long amnesty period. While around 50,000 undocumented an...

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