Labor minister signs agreement to recruit Kenyan workers

newsimageJEDDAH: The Saudi Minister of Labor and Social Development, Ali bin Nasser Al-Ghafees, and his Kenyan counterpart on Thursday signed an agreement for the recruitment of Kenyan domestic workers to meet growing demand for experienced and skilled domestic workers from labor-sending countries. The agreement provides for a legal framework to enhance cooperation between the parties, protect the rights of employers and domestic workers, regulate their contractual relationship, facilitate the recruitment and employment process, and control recruitment costs in both countries. The agreement states that employing domestic workers should only happen via relevant offices, companies or recruitment agencies, or through authorized employment centers in both countries. It also states that the Kenyan Labor Ministry commits to ensuring that the labor force is medically and psychologically qualified to work in the Kingdom, and that domestic workers do not have criminal records, are trained in specialized institutes in domestic work, are aware of Saudi customs and traditions, and meet the terms and conditions of the employment contract. The Kenyan ministry will also facilitate the departure of potential workers to the Kingdom within a month from the date of receiving the entry visa, and ensure workers who have been deported from the Kingdom are not brought back to work there. The ministry will ensure the employment of domestic workers is in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, and will take measures to protect the rights of employers.