Kuwait deports 13,000 foreigners in five months Indians top list at 23%, followed by Egyptians at 20%

newsimage Manama: Authorities in Kuwait have deported around 13,000 foreigners in the first five months of the year. The reasons included mainly violation of residency and work regulations, implications in criminal offences and breaking traffic rules, a security source said, cited by Kuwaiti daily Al Qabas on Wednesday. Indians topped the list at 23 per cent of the deportees, followed by Egyptians at 20 per cent. Indians and Egyptians make up the two largest communities in the northern Arabian Gulf state. Filipinos constituted 17 per cent, followed by Ethiopians at 15 per cent, Sri Lankans at seven per cent and Bangladeshis six per cent. “These six nationalities make up 88 per cent of the foreigners who were deported while the other nationalities make up the remaining 12 per cent,” the source said. “In a noticeable break with the past, the deportation process is now much faster. Foreigners who are placed on the deportation list are sent home within one week, just enough time to process their papers and book the ticket to fly home.” The faster process has been very successful in eliminating chaos and the high numbers of people kept inside the deportation facility, and thus vastly reduced health risks and the spread of diseases, the source added. Kuwait has regularly issued warnings that it would deport foreigners who disrupted public order, mainly through brawls, assembly and engaging in political or religious issues, or driving without a licence. Officials said there were clear instructions to apply a zero-tolerance policy towards anyone breaking the law and to refer anyone caught driving without a proper licence immediately to the deportation office for legal action. Foreigners make up two thirds of the total population of 4.2 million in Kuwait. They are mainly unskilled or low-skilled workers from Asia and Africa in the construction and service sectors.