New expat fee includes newborns

newsimageJEDDAH: The Passport Department on Wednesday said it has completed modifications to its electronic portal to cope with the new requirement that private-sector, non-Saudi residents pay a fee for each of their dependents and escorts (those under the resident’s sponsorship, but not a wife or son younger than 18). It said the fee include newborns, and is required to be paid when requesting visa and residency services online. The monthly fee is SR100 ($26.67) in 2017, SR200 in 2018, SR300 in 2019 and SR400 in 2020. The fee came into effect on July 1, and is aimed at increasing state revenues to offset the impact of low oil prices. The Passport Department said the fee should be paid before renewal of a residency permit or issuance of an exit/re-entry visa for expat workers of all nationalities.