KSA fully backs Kuwaiti measures; MOFA source

newsimageJEDDAH — The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia expressed its full support for the measures taken by Kuwait towards the Iranian diplomatic mission in the State of Kuwait. The measures included the shutting of the Iranian cultural mission in Kuwait. The measures against the Iranian Embassy involve the closure of the military and cultural offices. Kuwait also reduced the number of Iranian diplomats to 9, while giving Iranian diplomats 45 days to leave the country. These measures were taken after the issuance of a court verdict on what is known as the “Al-Abdali cell” and the involvement of some Iranian bodies in assisting and supporting the cell members, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted an official source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying Thursday. On Wednesday, the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry published photos of 16 convicted in the case of the “Al-Abdali cell” issuing verdicts in absence against them. In a press release, the ministry asked citizens and residents to report them, warning against sheltering any of them. On August 13, 2015, the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry arrested a number of defendants with a large quantity of weapons found at a farm in Al-Abdali area near the Iraqi border inside houses belonging to suspects. — SPA