Tourism festival offers lucrative employment opportunities for young people

newsimageMADINAH — Young people are keen to catch up on seasonal employment opportunities through participation in many activities. The most important of these was the preparation of popular dishes for visitors. The regions of Saudi Arabia hosted 820 activities organized and supervised by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH). Some of them have been launched since the beginning of the summer vacation, and through more than 100 tourist festivals that reflected the special features of each region and in different styles. Al-Madnia Arabic newspaper met with a number of young people who participated in the preparation of the popular meals. This was highlighted in the recently-held Souk Okaz (Okaz market), and they stressed their determination to participate in the upcoming festivals. Osama Mahfouz, who prepares of "Bir Al-Majrafa" during the Okaz market, said that the summer festivals are a great opportunity to attract young men and women to cook popular dishes. These foods recorded a jump in the demand among young people looking for work during the period of the Okaz market. Cooking popular dishes is a great skill that many possess, especially among the young cadres. Osama was happy with this type of work and called on young people to acquire such expertise in order to gain necessary skills that may benefit them in establishing their own projects and managing them successfully if they cannot find jobs in the future. "I thank the SCTH for providing the opportunity for young people to cook popular dishes and to introduce them from all regions of the Kingdom. I prepare baked bread and people have been buying it daily since the launch of this festival. I work with a group of friends to prepare the dough and bake the bread. We're all excited and happy about the experience we are gaining," he said. He added that he began to encourage his peers to engage with them at the Okaz market to find an opportunity to work and cook popular dishes. Abdullah Al-Quthmi, a chef participating in the market, said: "I find working in popular foods in the Okaz market as one of the most important things I did during the summer, and I am keen to take advantage of the revenues I generated." The visitors come from all over the Kingdom as well as from Gulf countries and Al-Quthmi and his friends specialize in different recipes that received a lot of attention from visitors, thus creating a unique demand. Al-Quthmi added: "We offer many popular dishes, such as "Mutbak, Masoub, Mantu, Yagmush," and “other foods that are famous from the Taif region. We earn good income, and the Okaz market did provide many jobs for the young people."