Arab ambassadors cancel event at Labor Party Conference

newsimageLONDON – The Arab League has cancelled its annual reception and buffet dinner, which was due to be held during the Labor Party Conference in Brighton on Sept. 26. “Our Council has decided to refrain from attending the Labor Party Conference this year due to the rejection of both the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s and the Republic of Sudan’s applications to attend the conference,” the London office of the Arab League said in a letter sent to all MPs of the Labor Party and other parties last Wednesday. The British media described this act as a humiliation to the Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is hostile to Saudi Arabia. “Unfortunately, the Council of Arab Ambassadors has taken the decision to cancel its annual reception and buffet dinner,” the letter read. The British newspaper The Sun said in its report that Jeremy Corbyn faced humiliation after it emerged that the League of Arab States will boycott Labor party conference later this month. The Sun revealed earlier this month that members of Corbyn’s frontbench will attend a “Venezuela Solidarity Campaign” event at Labor conference - hosted by the country’s ambassador Rocio Manerio - despite the brutal clampdown on opposition parties inflicted by the Venezuelan tyrant Nicolas Maduro. But Corbyn has faced criticism for his failure to condemn the Venezuelan regime following President Maduro’s bloody suppression of protests and his appearance at the conference rally supporting the regime is likely to reignite the row.