Kannadigas in Gulf facing hardships, KNRI forum will help them, says Dr Arathi Krishna

newsimageKarnataka NRI Forum deputy chairperson, Dr Arathi Krishna, said that Kannadiga entrepreneurs, workers and those pursuing other employments in Gulf countries are facing hard times. She also claimed that about 20,000 people have come back as a result. She held new policies implemented by the Arab countries responsible for this hostile situation. Dr Arathi held meeting with people facing the threat of losing their employment in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the Gulf on Monday February 26 at Vikasa Soudha here. Speaking thereafter, she said that lacs of people from Karnataka are facing problems and that the forum will put in sincere efforts towards making sure that the state government will rush to their rescue. She pointed out that the new policies implemented in Arab countries, which favour the locals to run businesses and industries, have given NRI Indians three months time to leave the Gulf countries. "This has come as a bolt from the blue for families that have settled in these countries since the last several decades," she explained. She said that she has already toured Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and other places, held discussions with NRI entrepreneurs and workers, and got herself abreast of the problems they have been facing. Speaking further, Dr Arathi said that chief minister, Siddaramaiah, has been requested to form a policy for the benefit of returning NRIs on Kerala model towards providing rehabilitation, creation of employment, providing loan at low rates of interest for people interested in setting up businesses and industries, and providing them land for this purpose.