Illegal workers can return from Malaysia under amnesty scheme

newsimageThousands of Mynamar workers without proper documents are expected to take advantage of a Malaysian government’s amnesty programme that will allow illegal foreign workers to return home by June. Under Malaysia’s Voluntary Deportation Programme, the immigration department will allow illegal workers without passports or work permits to obtain a special pass, according to an announcement on Wednesday by the Migrant Workers Division under the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population. “Malaysia’s voluntary deportation programme gives illegal foreign workers a chance to go back home before June 30 without being arrested,” an official of the Migrant Workers Division told The Myanmar Times on Tuesday. He said Malaysia Immigration Department has informed 15 foreign embassies about the Rehiring Programme and Voluntary Deportation Programme. Malaysia has extended their rehiring programme for six months until June 30 to process work permits for workers who do not have proper documents. “Illegal workers with only passports can apply for special passes from the immigration department. Workers who have no passports need to get a certificate of identity from Myanmar first. After that they can apply for a special pass,” said the official. Malaysia authorities have also informed the embassies that they will arrest not only employers who hire illegal workers but also undocumented workers who do not leave the country before June 30.