Bahrain attends Abu Dhabi Dialogue

newsimageLabour and Social Development Ministry Undersecretary Sabah Salem Al-Dosary took part in the “Abu Dhabi Dialogue”, which opened today in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The two-day event, which concludes tomorrow, Wednesday, focuses on hiring overseas workers in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states. The delegations discuss issues related to countries of origins and host countries, highlighting successful practices and other topics linked to labour market regulation. Bahrain is taking part in the “Abu Dhabi Dialogue”, in a bid to strengthen relations with the countries of origins, contribute to elaborating a unified regional vision that guarantees all parties’ rights and exchange best practices on hiring expatriates who meet the needs of the labour market. Al-Dosari stressed the importance of bolstering cooperation between the countries of origin and host countries, describing the “Abu Dhabi Dialogue” as a key platform to discuss challenges.