newsimageINTUC national vice-president and Indian National Migrant Workers’ Union president Dr Rama Chandra Khuntia on Sunday alleged that the Union Government has not been very much serious about UN negotiation on ‘Global Compact on Migration’ which is being held in New York. Khuntia informed that as per the Abu Dhabi and Colombo dialogues, various problems of migration labourers are being held by UN member States at New York. “India, being largest sender of migrant labourers to the USA, the UK Australia and middle-east GCC countries, gets the highest remittance to the extent of 70 billion US dollar per annum. While 25 million of Indian workers are working in different countries, India should lead other countries in holding negotiation for ensuring wages, safety, healthcare and social security to migrant labourers,” demanded Khuntia Informing that he had participated in the Colombo seminar of migrant labourers held on May 6 to 9, Khuntia said he placed a demand that the Government of India should take lead in the ongoing negotiation, which could give benefit to migrant labourers, including 2.5 million Indian workers. As many as 45 migrant worker sender countries and receiving countries participated in the discussion. He would also attend ‘Civil Societies Go and Trade Union’ meeting to be held at New York from June 4 to 8.