1.1 million people arrested in Saudi Arabia for violations

newsimageRiyadh, May 27 (BNA): Saudi Arabia said that 1,161,293 people had been arrested in the joint field campaigns launched on May 24-25 to track and arrest the violators of residence, work and border security regulations across the kingdom. The figure included 859,186 in violation of residency regulations, 207,189 in violation of the labour law and 94918 in violation of the border security system, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported. The total number of those arrested while trying to infiltrate across the border into the Kingdom reached 16,997 people, 56 per cent were Yemeni citizens, 41 per cent were Ethiopians, and 3 per cent were from other nationalities. The number of people arrested for attempting to cross the border out of the Kingdom was 753. The total number of those involved in the transfer and accommodation of those who violated the residence and employment regulations and border security reached 2,094. The total number of citizens who have been arrested for their involvement in transferring or harboring illegal immigrants was 379. The legal procedures have been completed against 349 of them and were released. The competent authorities will complete the implementation of the regulations against the rest of the detainees, 30 Saudis. The total number of those who are currently being subjected to the procedures of implementation of the regulations is 9,259 expatriate violators, including 8,099 men and 1160 women. Immediate penalties were imposed against 209,392 violators, 165,556 violators were sent to their diplomatic missions to obtain travel documents, 205,155 were allowed to complete their travel bookings and 305,187 violators were deported.