16 days of Activism to Combat Violence against Women

DATE: 25-Nov-2016

The migrant's month this year is very much significant as MFA will be having its General Forum and will play a key role in the organizing of this year's People's Global Action on Migration, Development, and Human Rights (PGA) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A lot of us will be there as a collective effort to share information, dialogue, strengthen analyses and strategically develop joint actions and campaigns on current and emerging issues related to migration. However, we would not want to limit our action in Dhaka and would like to simultaneously highlight efforts happening outside Dhaka during Migrants' Campaign Month. With this, we are asking for your cooperation in giving the MFA Secretariat a programme schedule and report of all your proposed activities during the MCM. Please also remember to cite in all your activities that your organization is a member of Migrant Forum in Asia and include the "Step It Up" logo in your program and banners. Attached herewith is the copy of "Step It Up" logo with high resolution for your reference. As most of you know, we are hoping to make the MFA facebook and campaign pages more active. We are requesting MFA members to please post photos of your activities in MFA’s facebook page and to also use the hashtag #StepItUp when you post photos of your activities for the migrants’ campaign month. For those who do not know the MFA facebook, you can access the facebook page here: . The MFA Secretariat will also be uploading your events and activities in the, MFA website, Step It Up website, facebook pages and other social media sites.