Migrant Workers Day Celebration, London, UK

DATE: 16-Jun-2019

Please join the Voice of Domestic Workers Celebration of International Migrant Workers Day on the 16th June. 

Everyday, we should celebrate the valuable economic contributions of migrant workers to public services, farming, fishing industry and society. We recognise the power of migrant voices and that they need to be central part of every debate about workers’ rights, immigration and policies that concern and affect us all.

Without their active participation and presence, our future economic stability is under threat.

We stand strong against criminalisation of migrants and any attempt to divide or scapegoat migrants for political and economic failures. Migrants are human beings not commodities and should be protected and treated with dignity so that they can participate and not be isolated. We stand with migrants and strongly advocate for more objective migration policies that take cognizance of the realities on the ground and reject end of freedom of movement.

Migration is a global emergency movement, its complexity and difficulties require collective cooperation and action of both sending and receiving governments, employers, workers and public, to better protect migrants and migrant workers. Let us not short cut our opportunity to truly listen and understand their needs with their own voices.

Join and celebrate with us. Proud to be a migrant, proud to stand with migrants!