Over 18,000 foreign engineers lost jobs in Saudi Arabia

DATE: 23-Jul-2019 Reported By: Desabhimani Pravasi

The number of foreign engineers in Saudi is significantly reduced. In six months, 18,749 engineers lost their jobs. At the end of last year, the country had 1,49,300 foreign engineers registered with the Saudi Council of Engineers. The number of foreign engineers now stands at 1,30,551. The total number of engineers registered for the council, including foreigners and natives, was 1,68,098.

During this period, 170 engineering offices were closed in Saudi. There are 2,688 engineering offices in the country. Foreign engineers are threatened by the slowdown and the economic downturn that companies face. The Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the Saudi Council of Engineers recently signed an agreement to stop the recruitment of foreign engineers who are less than five years old. The newly recruited foreign engineers have been given professional testing and interviews by the Saudi Council of Engineers.