Thousands of Illegal Migrants Repatriated to Ethiopia

DATE: 06-Aug-2019 Reported By: Prensa Latina

Thousands of citizens were repatriated to Ethiopia during the last fiscal year as part of the government''s effort to protect illegal migrants, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Sunday.


More than 112,600 Ethiopians arrived in the country, traveling from 12 nations, thanks to the negotiations of our consulates in those states and the crucial collaboration of the International Organization for Migration, according to the communication released in Addis Ababa.

During the past fiscal year (ended July 7), the statement added, more than 24,700 people sentenced to different penalties in 19 countries were also returned in an orderly and safe manner, most of them favored by pardons.

Ethiopia works to protect and return citizens living in extreme situations abroad to the country, and its actions include negotiating labour agreements with destination countries and securing the ownership of their homes.

In the current fiscal year, two groups of migrants from Saudi Arabia have already arrived in Addis Ababa, the first of which is made up of 273 Ethiopians, 75 of whom are women, who were illegally living in Jeddah and Jizan.

On 1 August, another 553 people arrived, including 280 sentenced to five to 30 years' imprisonment, who were pardoned by the Saudi authorities.