320 unpaid workers in UAE get salaries after court’s swift action

DATE: 09-Sep-2019 Reported By: Khaleej Times

Necessary arrangements have also been made to transfer the residence visas of some of the workers to another company.

Hundreds of workers in Abu Dhabi have received their unpaid salaries after the intervention of the mobile labour court, authorities said on Saturday.

The Abu Dhabi Labour Tribunal at the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD), in cooperation with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation and Musanadah, resolved the dispute between 320 workers and their employer which had resulted in salary delay.

Using the mobile bus court, a special team from the Abu Dhabi Labour Court and other officials went to the workers' accommodation and managed to settle the dispute "very fast". The team ensured that the pending salaries of all the workers were paid on the spot.

Necessary arrangements have also been made to transfer the residence visas of some of the workers to another company that offered to employ them. Air tickets have also been provided for those workers wishing to return to their home countries.

The workers had recently complained to authorities after struggling to make ends meet for months without getting salaries.

Officials from the Abu Dhabi Labour Tribunal said that the UAE is keen on preserving and safeguarding the rights of workers and ensuring their protection under the rule of law, through a sophisticated judicial system that meets all requirements and ensures the quick settlement of disputes.

The Judicial Department praised the rapid response and the high level of coordination and cooperation between the authorities concerned, which contributed to ending the suffering of workers, in addition to the comprehensiveness of these efforts aiming at helping workers fulfill their living requirements before the final settlement of their dues.

Judicial authorities had in February this year introduced Hindi as the third official language to cater to the needs of Indian workers. The other two languages include Arabic and English.

Since the introduction of the Hindi language in court, workers have been able to lodge complaints in their mother tongue about delayed wages, end of service entitlements, bonuses, compensations for arbitrary layoffs, notice periods and annual leaves, in addition to claims for air tickets and the return of their passports.