'Must have, digital attestation' - Shashi Tharoor

DATE: 30-Oct-2019 Reported By: Manorama Online

Shashi Tharoor MP for Indian Kuwait City Some measures have already been proposed in this regard. The easiest way is to introduce a digital attestation system. The matter will be discussed with the authorities. Shashi Tharoor, who is also the former Union Minister for Human Resources, said that there is currently no way to track certificates sent to attestation.

The results of the Haryana and Maharashtra elections will give the Congress hope. The propaganda that the BJP is now an era is fast backing down. The credit for the achievements in both places lies with the local leadership and activists. There was a good chance in Haryana. But a careful move on the part of the Congress was necessary. The anti-incumbency sentiment in Maharashtra was not very good, but the performance of Sharad Pawar and others was good.

The Congress needs to find a permanent President and Working Committee by election. He had asked for it earlier but had not received much support. Everyone is responsible for the defeat of Vattiyoorkavu and Konni. I am ready to take responsibility for Vattiyoorkavan. No one is satisfied with the functioning of the left government. Yet the party must look into whether the Left Front won was a personal gain.