Amnesty: Opportunity until December 31st. The Government of Malaysia.

DATE: 08-Nov-2019 Reported By: Manorama Online

The Government of India has launched a massive program of deportation of illegal immigrants in Malaysia by the Back For Good (B4G) system, effective from August 1, 2019, by the end of December. A joint operation by the Immigration and Police Department targeting areas organized by foreign workers in the country is progressing day and night. There are also huge fines from those caught. 

In the meantime, there are many people living in the country who have voluntarily surrendered to illegal residents and have repeatedly been instructed to use the amnesty. The government has also warned through local media that if they are arrested after December 31, they will face severe punishment. According to a press conference convened by Malaysian Deputy Home Minister Dato Mohammed Aziz Jamman, 46,976 people have left the country using amnesty and 19,388 foreigners have applied to leave the country. An amnesty announced in 2014 returned 8,40,000 people.

Two persons who have a valid passport but are not licensed and have lost their passport and license can use the following amnesty.

Applications can be made directly to over eighty immigration counters open for amnesty throughout Malaysia.A copy of the departure ticket and a copy of the front and back pages along with the original passport should be carried in your hand within a week. The fine of one hundred rupees (about twelve thousand rupees) in one go to the government.