Expats in Saudi Arabia welcome ministry move to study quarterly payment of levy.

DATE: 02-Jan-2021 Reported By: Arab News

RIYADH: Expats in Saudi Arabia have welcomed a ministry move to study changing the payment schedule for dependent and government fees, saying it will reduce the financial burden on them.
The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is studying a plan to allow payment on a quarterly basis instead of annually, the financial news portal Argaam reported, citing Hani Al-Mojel, who is deputy minister for labor policies. Al-Mojel said the change would solve many problems.
Ambreen Faiz, who is from Pakistan and is a member of the Pakistan Writers’ Club Riyadh, said she had read news about the proposal.
“If adopted, this will be very welcome news for expatriates who have their families living here with them,” she told Arab News. “Payment of the levy on a yearly basis before iqama (residency permit) renewal is a huge burden on expatriates. Allowing them to pay every four months would help reduce financial burden on them.”