Qatar issues new travel policy; no quarantine for vaccinated people

DATE: 12-Jul-2021 Reported By: The Peninsula

Doha: Qatar has issued new travel policy where vaccinated people from all countries will be exempted from quarantine. Countries are classified into three categories – green, yellow and red. Vaccinated people coming from red list will have to do repeat RT PCR on arrival. The new travel policy will come into effect from July 12, 2021, Ministry of Public Health said.

Passengers coming to the State of Qatar from all ports will also have to pre-register on the "Ehteraz" website (WWW.EHTERAZ.GOV.QA) and attach all the required documents before arriving in the State of Qatar for a period of no less than 12 hours.

No quarantine required for Qatari citizens and residents including GCC citizens who are currently QID holder if fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine or diagnosed and recovered from COVID-19 (within (9) 12 months) in the State of Qatar, or in other member states of the GCC provided that the latter received at least 1 dose of any of the MOPH-Qatar recognized vaccine.

List of MOPH-Qatar recognized Vaccines: UPDATED

1. Pfizer BioNTech 

2. Moderna

3. Oxford-Astrazeneca 

4. Janssen/Johnson&Johnson (One Dose)

Conditional Vaccines:

5. Sinopharm

Travelers fully vaccinated with the above-specified conditional vaccines will be subject to an antibody test on arrival, if the result is positive with antibodies, exempted from quarantine; otherwise the traveler must undergo applicable quarantine based on country of departure.

Persons who have been partially vaccinated (one dose of two doses), vaccinated with full course but did not complete a period of (14) days since the 1 dose for J&J or 2nd dose for other MOPH recognized vaccines, who received vaccines not approved by MOPH-Qatar and diagnosed and recovered from COVID-19 within the last 9 months abroad (non-GCC states) will be classified into three (green, yellow and red) categories according to the country they are travelling from.

If coming from green list countries then adult including pregnant women, lactating mother and 75 years old and above will need home quarantine for 5 days.