International Migrants Day Celebration – 2022

Event Date : December 21,2022

As part of the International Migration Day celebrations by Migrant
Forum in Asia (MFA) , the members of Migrant Forum India (MFA) and Center for
Indian Migrant Studies (CIMS) carried out various campaign activities at the national
and state-level.
They major objectives of the campaign were the following:
 Elevate the issues of Wage Theft of migrant workers to different level to get the
result for their grievances.
 To bring the attention of media, parliament and other relevant stake holders to
the issue of Wage Theft and create advocacy for long term policies and MO U's to
address issues of Wage Theft.
 Create awareness on Wage theft and access to justice to the grass root level.
 Collect more evidence to strengthen our arguments on Wage Theft and
ineffectiveness of government mechanisms.
 Involve with more organizations and other stake holders to strengthen their
capacity for addressing the issues of International migrant workers.
The following activities were conducted during the IMD campaign week in the country:
 One-week campaign on Wage Theft case filing in different states of India. (Dec 10
– Dec 15)
 Distribution of compiled documents to the state level stake holders and media.
(Dec 17th)
 Delegation to New Delhi and presented memorandum with collective evidence
on Wage Theft on before External Affairs Ministry, parliamentarians, and media.
(Dec 16 - Dec 21).
At the national level, MFA partners in India have organised two-fold campaign in the
form of a protest organised at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi and advocacy campaign with
parliamentarians during the period 16 Th to 19 Th December 2022. It was a path breaking
effort in the history of civil society network on international migration in the country.