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Government Schemes and Programs

eMigrate Portal

An interactive platform for emigration named ‘eMigrate’ was developed in 2015 by the Indian government along with a grievance redressal platform called MADAD. In eMigrate all key external stakeholders in the overseas employment process such as Recruiting Agents (RA), Foreign Employers (FE), Project Exporters (PE), and internal stakeholders i.e., Indian Missions, OWRC, Passport Seva Project and Bureau of Immigration (MHA) are electronically interlinked on the eMigrate platform to provide transparent, fast, cost-effective legal framework to Indian workers/ professionals for overseas recruitment and emigration. The portal allows the migrants/ recruitment agents to register themselves and it provides various information such a migration trends, pre-departure orientation documents for migrant workers and academia.

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The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) launched online Consular Grievances Management System named MADAD in 2015. This e-portal provides Indian citizens living abroad an online platform through which they can file consular grievances to the Indian government. MADAD handles the consular grievances through online forwarding, tracking and escalation until the resolution and allows direct registration of the grievances by migrant workers, relatives or third parties. MADAD was introduced as part of the digital revamp of governance system in India along with eMigrate portal. MADAD can be used both in web and mobile platform with the support of a mobile application on Android, IOS and Windows platforms.

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Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana, 2017

The Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana (PBBY) is a mandatory insurance scheme aimed at safeguarding the interests of Indian emigrant workers falling under Emigration Check Required (ECR) category going for overseas employment to ECR countries. The Scheme, initially launched in 2003, has been amended in 2006, 2008 and 2017 with the overarching objective of strengthening the coverage of emigrant workers.

The last comprehensive review of the scheme has been undertaken during 2017 in consultation with all stake holders. The revised scheme PBBY, 2017 has become operational w.e.f. August 1,2017. Presently, the scheme provides an insurance cover of Rs. 10 lakhs in case of accidental death/permanent disability at an insurance premium of Rs. 275 and Rs. 375 for a period of two and three years respectively. PBBY, 2017 also includes global insurance coverage irrespective of employer and location, has facility for online renewal and a simplified process for certification of accidental death/permanent disability. The scheme is now more beneficial for emigrant workers and is aimed at ensuring an expeditious settlement of claims.

Detailed information about the Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana, 2017 is available at :

Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF)

The Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF), set up in 2009, is aimed at assisting overseas Indian nationals in times of distress and emergency in the ‘most deserving cases’ on a ‘means tested basis’. ICWF has also been a critical support in emergency evacuation of Indian nationals from conflict zones, countries affected by natural disasters and other challenging situations. In view of its immense utility, ICWF stands extended to all Indian Missions and Posts abroad.

The ICWF cover the following three key areas:

 - Assisting Overseas Indian nationals in distress situations

 - Support for Community Welfare activities

 - Improvement in Consular services

Criteria for Utilisation

• ICWF funds can be used to assist only Indian citizens residing in the host country or those in distress while visiting a foreign country. Persons of Indian Origin and Overseas Citizens of India Card Holders are not eligible for individual financial assistance from ICWF.

• ICWF can be utilized for the benefit of Indian nationals in distress on a means tested basis provided the officer approving ICWF expenditure has satisfied himself that the beneficiary deserves to be assisted.

• Ordinarily, only such Indian National(s) who have entered the host country legally shall be eligible to receive benefits under this Fund. In cases where it is not so, assistance may be provided after the Head of Mission/Head of Post has recorded his satisfaction to the effect that the circumstances of the case necessitate aiding under ICWF.

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SWADES - Skilled Workers Arrival Database for Employment Support

The program is co-ordinated by Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, the Ministry of Civil Aviation, and the Ministry of External Affairs. It creates a comprehensive database of return migrants based on their skill sets. The database will be shared among the Indian employers.

Link to online SWADES Skills Card :

Toll free number : 1800 123 9626