Moideenkutty Cherulli

Name : Moideenkutty Cherulli

State : Kerala

District : Palakkad

Profession : Farmer

Age : 59

Sex : Male

Marital status : Married

Dependence : 3


Address :

Abaha, Saudi Arabia

Sponser : Moidutty (Neighbour)

Event Title : Missing

Stringers World wide : Saudi - Abaha - Mansoor Meppadi

Date of Incident : 03/15/2010

Mode of Recruitment : Friends

Episode : 965 B

Migrant rights violation : Null

Event description :

Moideenkutty, a native of Thuppanadu, Palakkad went to Abaha, Saudi Arabia in 2007 with the help of his neighbour Mr Moidutty. He came back in 2009 and returned after a few months. He was in constant contact with the family and used to send money regularly. On March 15, 2010, Moidutty informed that Moideenkutty will be returning to Kerala and he has dropped Moideenkutty at the airport. However, the family who went to receive him at the airport couldn’t find Moideenkutty at the airport long past the expected time of arrival. They waited for another day but could not find him. He has been missing ever since. His family is in search of any information regarding Moideenkutty and is waiting for his return.

Country : Saudi Arabia

City :

Reporting date : 05/12/2019

Resolve date :

Relative name : Amina

Relative age : Null

Relative sex : Female

Demand Request :

Need him back

Relation : Wife

Relative address :

Padinjarepeedikayil House, Thuppanadu, Karimba PO, Palakkad

Result : Not found

Comment :



Passport : E1653847

Religion : Muslim

Missing Person DOB : 25/05/1961

Missing Person Photo

Contact Abroad : 00966530011542

Contact Sponser : 00966501893475

Document One :

Document Two :

Document Three :

Document Four :

Relative Contact : 9995379632

Migrant Rights Violation : ["Family reunification"]

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Missing Video :

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