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Reintegration Assistance

CIMS-KSBCDC-MFA Reintegration Project

The Centre for Indian Migrant Studies (CIMS) in collaboration with Kerala State Backward Classes Development Corporation (KSBCDC) and MFA (Migrant Forum in Asia) developed a project for the economic reintegration of returnee domestic workers who have undergone physical and mental abuses in the destination countries and returned abruptly. The project aims to finance the business proposals from seven women returnee migrant workers using the CSR fund of KSBCDC. These women were rescued and repatriated by CIMS. CIMS assists, monitors, and evaluates the projects. It is the first government funded reintegration scheme for migrant domestic workers who were victims of trafficking. All beneficiaries came back to Kerala and failed to integrate themselves to the labour market. Physical and mental trauma and various other factors prevented them from accessing other women empowerment schemes and self-employment schemes coupled with the poor financial backgrounds.

NORKA Department Project for Return Migrants (NDPREM)

NDPREM is a flagship initiative of Norka-Roots. It offers entrepreneurship financial support scheme for returnees. They offer financial loans with 15% capital subsidy up to 30 lakh INR and 3% interest subsidy for prompt repayment. The beneficiaries benefit from more than 5800 branches of 16 financial institutions. The project also provides basic training for entrepreneurs, preparation of project documents and assistance.

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The application form for the project can be accessed at: FORM.pdf/3b7252ef-5288-1259-7f36-59d5e1a0d5a7


This financial aid is a onetime support for those who are in dire financial stress and have no other avenue. To avail this aid, the deceased expatriate should have been a legal resident or employee at the country where he/she had passed away. This help is granted to legal heirs of NRKs for repatriation by air or rail, whichever is more economical. Norka-roots offers INR up to 50000 for death abroad and up to 15000 INR for deaths in other Indian states.

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Santhwana is a distress relief scheme by Norka-roots to provide bound financial support to return emigrants. The scheme can be availed for medical treatments, death assistance, marriage assistance, purchase of physical aids to combat disability etc. The annual family income of the applicant should not exceed 1.5 lakh INR.

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