Repatriation and Rehabilitation of International migrants during Covid -19

Date : 10/07/2021

The paper attempts to understand the issues faced by Indian temporary labour migrants in the destination countries in the current health crisis and the Indian government responses to concerns, especially with regard to the issue of safe repatriation back to India. By analysing the responses of Indian governments in the previous crisis situations and the emigration policies of the country in general, the article explains the need to have a comprehensive migration management by giving importance to the protection and welfare of migrants along with a reintegration policy in the long run. In the short run, protection of labour migrants during the lockdown, emergency repatriation and rehabilitation of the returnees including the provision of free quarantine facilities should be the priorities of the national government. The paper further argues that a co-ordination between state and central governments is necessary to ensure the smooth reintegration of the returnees in the coming months.